For commercially savvy professionals

Procurement offers an action-packed career.

Behind every successful product and service is a brilliant procurement team. A team who finds innovation and uncovers value.

You influence, negotiate, invigorate, lead supply chains and dramatically change markets.

Yet, in the next decade we may be doing tasks that are not yet invented. As a profession, are we currently in a state of knowing what is unknown, or not knowing what is unknown?

Some skills will be relevant and place you in good stead for your future, other skills may become redundant … Register to participate.

This is your opportunity to:
  • Discover the capabilities you will need to progress your career and gain insights into your career journey.
  • See a personalized dashboard of how your results stack-up against other members of your professional association.
  • See the live results of how your region’s capabilities stack-up against other regions.
  • Make your mark in the first of its kind inaugural benchmark to measure procurement capability across the globe.
  • Own your career by taking IFPSM’s complimentary online skills gap analysis designed especially for career procurement professionals.
What is it?

SkillsGAP Analysis are the markets leaders in assessing and benchmarking skills and knowledge across the domains of Procurement, Contract Management and Commercial Leadership. In the past 3 years these tools have been used to assess over 15,000 people.

By partnering with SkillsGAP Analysis, the IFPSM is presenting an opportunity for Procurement Professionals (yes, that’s YOU!) across the globe to access a Skills Self Assessment and Knowledge Evaluation.

Your personalised dashboard

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